The new Out-of-Court Legal Services Act (Gesetz über außergerichtliche Rechtsdienstleistungen – Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz – RDG) took effect on 1 July, 2008, superseding the former Legal Advice Act (RBerG). In North Rhine-Westphalia, matters governed by the new RDG come within the jurisdiction of the Higher Regional Courts.

Applications for registration as an authorised provider of legal services can be filed in writing with the President of the Higher Regional Court in whose jurisdiction the applicant's domestic principal establishment is located. For the district of the Landgericht Bonn the competent registration authority is the President of the Oberlandesgericht Köln. The address is:

Präsident des Oberlandesgerichts Köln
Reichenspergerplatz 1
50670 Köln

To be eligible to offer legal services an applicant must prove that he or she has taken out a policy of professional indemnity insurance covering a minimum amount of € 250,000 (section 1 subsection 4 RDGEG and section 12 subsection 1 No 3 RDG).

More detailed information including registration details and FAQs (in English) plus application forms and a list of competent registration authorities can be found on the web at: