I want to use a German document abroad and therefore need an authentication or confirmation certifying that the document is genuine. What does that mean?

The authenticity of a document issued in Germany can be certified either by "Document Legalisation" or by an "Apostille". Legalisation and Apostille are different forms of authentication of documents needed for international purposes. Whether an Apostille or Document Legalisation is required depends on the country where you want to use the document issued in Germany.

More general information can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Auswärtiges Amt (information available in English; click on the "English" button, then enter "Apostille" in the 'Search' facility).

If you need an Apostille or Document Legalisation, please contact Mrs Krüger (room W 1.14, Tel: +49-228-702-1116).